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Email template screen properly updates when new template is added.


There was a bug where newly created email templates would not be immediately added to the email template list and a user would need to refresh the screen to see it. This has now been fixed.

Action Plan Sharing


If you have an action plan which you'd like to share with the Follow Up Boss community, you can now do this easily within Follow Up Boss. Go to the action plan screen in your account, and click the share button next to an action plan.

Soon, as more teams have shared some of their action plans, you will be able to go into the Action Plan Library and import any of the action plans into your account.

If you want to make some changes to an imported action plan to adapt it to your needs, you can make a copy in your account and change it as you want.

Editing lead names on Android


You can now edit the name of your leads in the new Android app.

Appointment Reporting


Appointments have been added to the Agent Activity report. From the Agent Activity report page, click "+ Add Columns" to add the appointments count to the report.

Android Recent Leads Screen


The new android app now has a recent leads tab on the People screen. This tab shows all of your most recent leads in one place. You can swipe down on the list at any time to refresh the list.

Agent Activity Report


The agent activity report has an updated chart and many new data points to help analyze agent performance.

The new data points include:

  • Number of leads not acted on
  • Speed to action
  • Contact attempts
  • Response rate

You can compare data points on the chart, for example--compare new leads to outgoing calls. You can also compare to the previous period so you can see how things have changed month-over-month.

Learn more about the agent activity report:

Android Calendar


This update to the new android app shows all of your upcoming tasks in once place.

Current features

  • Shows a list of your upcoming tasks grouped by date (as well as any overdue tasks from up to 3 days ago)
  • Quickly add new tasks by tapping the add button
  • Tap into a task to view details, edit, or mark it as complete

Fix for sending large email attachments


Some customers have been experiencing issues with sending emails with large attachments from Follow Up Boss. Recently we made a change that should alleviate these issues.

Emoji support for emailing


Emojis are now supported when emails are sent from and displayed by FUB.

This includes batch emails (currently beta), 1 to 1 emails, and action plan emails.

Email templates now support emojis as well. 😀

Connect Your Office 365 Email


If you are using Office 365 for your email, you can now connect your Office 365 account in FUB2. This was already available in FUB Classic, but we've brought this over to Follow Up Boss 2.

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