Improved releases

We have upgraded some behind the scene's code, so when we do a deploy, if portions of code haven't changed they will no longer have to re-download this code. That means when your page reloads it should reload a bit faster for a majority of our releases.

We also upgraded several internal libraries which will help improve the stability of our product.

Fix for lead routes by tag

There was an issue with lead routing by tag if an extra space was present at the end of the tag. We have corrected this issue so new leads will always route correctly.

Fix for bad appointment dates

There was an issue with appointments where the date might be corrupt causing the calendar to crash. We fixed the issue and wrote tests around it so we won't encounter this issue again.

Daily Hot Sheet Email Task Link

When we created the daily hot sheet email, we didn't have the task's page. We have now updated this link in the email, so if you are a FUB2 user the task link should take you to a better location within the app.

New Task Filter Bug Fix

There was a bug where viewing the people screen for another agent (team member dropdown) and then filtering 'My Next Task' column by 'is empty' or 'is not empty' would result in the people table not properly filtering these people and empty and non-empty next tasks would show.

This has now been fixed.

Minor Bug Patches

  • Fixed an issue with the avatar being aligned on the dashbaord in Safari.
  • Fixed a bug with appointments display getting pushed over.
  • Email editor can now be expanded both vertical and horizontal.
  • Fix for some rare search issues that have been happening have several days.
  • Fixed a display issue with the create date was overflowing it's box.
  • Made the tooltip colors in the modal more consistent with other tooltips in our app.
  • Increased the width of the close date input when editing it in a deal.
  • Updated some FAQ copy within the import screen.
  • Desktop notifications should no longer trigger a page reload.

Call Transfers

For those of you with our calling feature, we have now released the ability to transfer calls to other team members.

For more details, check out the following help article:

Filtering inbox by calls

There was an error for certain customers where the inbox would just keep spinning when it was filtered only by 'Calls'. This has now been fixed.

FUB2 Saving a Person Details

In IE11 there was a rare issue that would prevent people from removing an assigned lender. This is now fixed.

Also, when you tried to save an email with an invalid email address, we were not reporting that back to the user. This is also now fixed.

Tooltip improvements

We have increased the speed in certain areas of the app in regards to the tooltips as well as made the tooltips a bit more reliable when interacting with them.

No published changelogs yet.

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