Recent Activity added navigation & other fixes

Now when you click on a contact from the Dashboard -> Recent Activity section, you'll get a navigation in the top right.

We have also fixed a few other minor bugs:

  • Getting started bar would cover some the action plans add step link.
  • Action plans might get an "undefined" for the text message when create a new action plan.
  • Settings signature is now the full width of the settings box, it had a chance to wrap on certain scenarios
  • Fixed some number formatting for the user navigation.

Property Report

See which properties and zip codes have the most inquiries. Hovering over a property or zip in the list will reveal the location on the map. Hover over a pin on the map to see the details. Click on the push pin or Inquires link to see the list of contacts that inquired.

Archived conversations in the inbox

We have added an "Archived" tab in the Inbox, which lets you see all the conversations you've archived in the past, and unarchive them if you wish to move one of them back to the Inbox.

Notes now spell checks

We enabled spell checking on the notes input. Enjoy!

Email Sharing improvements

We've made a few changes to how emails are shared:

When a contact is assigned to a new agent, previously any email conversations with the previously assigned agent would be hidden. Now these emails remain shared, although any future emails between the contact and the agent which is no longer assigned will not be shared.

Also, if an agent who is sharing their email is deleted from the system, their emails will also remain shared.

iPhone: Notification bug fix (v2.2.13)

There was a bug where logging out of the app on the settings screen and logging back in again, would cause the Push Notifications setting to switch to OFF. Some users who didn't release this stopped receiving push notifications and wondered why. This has been fixed. Now when you log back into the app, you will be prompted to enable notifications.

More notes bugs

There was another bug found around focusing on the notes. When you click the placeholder it wouldn't always focus. This has been fixed.

iPhone app update (v2.2.12)

We've released an update to our iPhone app which adds support for iOS11 and fixes several bugs and crashes. Please note that this update requires iOS 10 or above.

Get the update.

Selecting items in dropdowns

We have added a little functionality to type a character and it'll go to the next list item in the drop down. For example, typing 'r' would go to the next item that starts with an r.

Pictures describe this better:

FUB2 Bug Fixes!

We made quite a few small fixes/improvements:

  • Issue when trying to search emoji's, that is fixed.
  • Further improvement around the notes editor, focusing and selecting is now easier.
  • Inbox and Person Communication tabs are 1) more consistent in design and 2) more likely to focus where you think it should focus.
  • If you have a lot of tasks/appointments in the Calendar, you should see a slight performance boost there.
  • Updated a training video link that has been outdated.

As always, we love you feedback and will continue improving!

Edit: This introduced a bug to mentions, this has been fixed.

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