Faster exports + bug fix

We've just released a bug fix for exporting where an export would fail to be generated due to users in the account having very large email signatures.

As part of this bug fix, we have also made exporting contacts faster.

Teams within FUB!

All customers on the Platform plan now have access to the "Teams" feature. If your account has many agents, this feature allows you to group agents in different teams and even assign team leaders.

See this help article for more information on this feature:


User table update

The user table has been update to reflect a more accurate "last seen" Web time based on FUB2 activity (it used to show last login time). The table also now includes a total member count.

last seen updated and user count.png

Delete Emails

You can now delete your emails from Follow Up Boss, and optionally trash them in your Gmail account.

You won't be able to trash in Gmail if:

  • The email didn't originate from your connected email
  • It is a marketing email

Screencast 2019-04-11 at 2.31.16 PM.gif


Edit Lead Flow Rules Performance gains

We made huge performance changes when you're editing the rules for a lead flow. It is much more responsive and fluid to use.

Before, when a change was made, the entire screen would flash, or on larger rule lists, it'd take 3s to add a new condition. This is not immediate no matter the number of rules.

Move shared inbox numbers

You can now move a shared inbox phone number to another shared inbox. This will help keep things organized and consolidate communications as well.

To move a number to another shared inbox, visit the phone number management screen, and the "actions" now contains a "Move number" option. Simply choose the inbox you wish to move the number to, and hit "Move".

Sorting for users

Sorting on user table now works. When sorting, the first click sorts ascending, second descending, and one last click will return to the default sort order (which is based on role). For some columns such as Phone or Connected Email the sorting is based on if there is a value or not, so you can see who still needs to add a phone or connect an email to Follow Up Boss.

Sort ordering:

  • Role - Owner first, then Agents and Lenders
  • Phone - if this value is present
  • Connected Email - whether or not an email has been connected
  • Last seen - most recent time seen over any medium (mobile or web)
  • Can Export - if this value is enabled

sorting users.gif

Table view for users

We moved the user cards to a table view. This new look has all the same functionality as the old view, but allows you to view more data with less screen.

user table.png

Labels for shared inbox phone numbers

Shared inbox phone numbers now support labels. This is particularly useful with the new Company Inbox which includes the company phone number as well as its own inbox number. Labels are a great way to distinguish the source of incoming/outgoing calls and texts.

Company Inbox with labels

To edit inbox number labels, visit the phone management screen, under "actions" for a shared inbox number hit "edit label".

People v2 select contact range & bug fixes

For the new People screen, we added the ability to select a range of contacts by holding shift when clicking:

Screencast 2019-03-29 at 9.28.36 AM.gif

Additionally we fixed 2 issues:

  • An issue where we weren't saving a smart list with no filters
  • Columns would sometimes revert, this is now fixed.

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