Webhooks for Text Messages


Integration partners can now subscribe to text message events using webhoooks.

This helps integrations to be actively notified about updates that happen within FUB that they care about, which can improve the quality of the integration.

Fix for Import Screen on Safari


There was an issue with the import screen showing up correctly on safari, that should now be fixed.

Fix for checking when android app is downloaded and logged into.


There was a bug for some users, when they downloaded and logged into the app, it wouldn't update the getting started download app card. This is now fixed.

You may need to log out and back into the android app to have this cleared up.

Process leads sent to 2 FUB lead addresses


Before if a lead email was sent to 2 or more FUB lead email addresses it wasn't processed and just silently dropped. Now it processes the lead using one of the lead email addresses it was sent to.

Reassigning a person no longer reassigns tasks assigned to others


When you reassigned a person it used to reassign all tasks created by action plans including the tasks assigned to other users such as ISA. Now it only reassigns tasks that were assigned to the same user as the person was assigned to, so tasks for the agent gets reassigned but not the tasks for other users.

Import screen scrollbars and onboarding verbiage


The import screen had some weird functioning scrollbars. That is now fixed. Also the onboarding verbiage has been updated to be a bit more readable.

Signup flow and invite agent flow


We have improved the signup flow to include hooking up office 365. We also improved the overall experience with that.

When you invite agents, the email design has been updated, and also if a link expires, you will no longer have to resend it, it will automatically resend when the invited person visits the link.

Calendar: Custom Date Filter


In the calendar you can now filter custom date fields such as birthdays and anniversaries!

Getting Started Updates & Bug Fixes


We made some adjustments to better help onboard people into Follow Up Boss.

  • Improved styles
  • Improved error message verbiage
  • Hide getting started footer when on the getting started page.
  • Add in a help link and make sure account owners have access to the import task.
  • The getting started footer should not cover up content within the app.

Email Drafts


Follow Up Boss will now save email drafts when you begin to compose an email when viewing a person, or on the Inbox screen. Any drafts belonging to the person will be automatically loaded when pressing the 'Send Email' button.

You can also view any drafts you have in progress from the new Drafts tab on the Inbox page. Never lose an email again!

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