iOS 2.8.4

This version fixes an issue where tapping on a First To Claim notification from the phone's lock screen or home screen would sometimes not show the expected dialog for claiming the lead.

Zumper Email Parser

We've released a new email parser to work with a new format from

iOS v2.8.3 – Sound muting and bug fixes

iPhone users can now turn off in-app sounds (such as during texting) by switching the phone to silent mode.

We've also addressed a bug that caused the app to crash for some users after ending a call with the in-app dialer.

iOS & Android push notification reliability enhancements

The latest mobile app releases, v2.8.2, bring improved device registration and push notification reliability. In addition these changes, the iOS app also includes bug fixes related to the texting screen as well as displaying the user's avatar on the settings screen.

Team leaders can view member's Deals and Calendar

For customers on the Platform plan utilizing the "Teams" feature, Team Leaders can now view and filter Deals and Calendar appointments for all the members of their teams.

team leader Deals.gif team leader Calendar.gif

Android v2.8.1 – Bug fix

This release fixes a bug that could cause the app to crash when opening certain emails.

iPhone v.2.8.0 - Inbox Improvements


This release features enhancements to the Inbox including: playing voicemails, seeing their transcripts, and viewing the call history, all from an inbox entry for a voicemail or missed call. In the call history, you can also play back call recordings (if available) and see call notes. At the top of the call history screen, you can jump to that person's screen or call back the phone number related to the specific inbox item you tapped.

Unknown Numbers

You can now see calls and texts from unknown numbers. If an unknown number leaves a voicemail, you can tap on it in the inbox to go to the Call History screen, and near the top is a banner that lets you Add person. Tapping the blue text takes you to a screen where you can add details for the lead, and the phone number from that voicemail is already included in the lead. The voicemail player appears at the top so that you can listen to it as you create the lead, with details from that recording.

Text messages from unknown numbers likewise show a banner at the top of the messaging screen (after you tap a text in the inbox) to allow you to Add person. The text messages sent to you from that number are shown at the top as you enter details for the new lead.

Android app v2.8 – Missed calls, voicemails, and more.

We've added a number of enhancements centered around improving the inbox on mobile.

Inbox Enhancements

  • Missed calls and voicemails now show up in the inbox
  • Listen to voicemails and call recordings (if enabled for your account)
  • View voicemail transcriptions
  • Text messages and calls from unknown leads also show up in the inbox now
  • Quickly convert unknown leads into FUB leads by tapping "Add person"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where tapping "back" would sometimes close the app rather than returning to the previous screen

Voicemail Transcriptions

Handling missed calls is even easier now with voicemail transcriptions. When you miss a call to one of your Follow Up Boss phone numbers that results in a voicemail recording, it will automatically be transcribed and show up along side the call!

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 3.30.10 PM.png

Transcriptions will show in a contact's timeline, and within a user or shared inbox.

Webhooks for Custom Field Changes

If you're receiving webhook notifications for the peopleUpdated event, now custom field changes will also be included as a trigger for these events. If you want to see custom fields when fetching people following a webhook notification, make sure you include the fields=allFields query parameter.