iPhone v.2.8.0 - Inbox Improvements


This release features enhancements to the Inbox including: playing voicemails, seeing their transcripts, and viewing the call history, all from an inbox entry for a voicemail or missed call. In the call history, you can also play back call recordings (if available) and see call notes. At the top of the call history screen, you can jump to that person's screen or call back the phone number related to the specific inbox item you tapped.

Unknown Numbers

You can now see calls and texts from unknown numbers. If an unknown number leaves a voicemail, you can tap on it in the inbox to go to the Call History screen, and near the top is a banner that lets you Add person. Tapping the blue text takes you to a screen where you can add details for the lead, and the phone number from that voicemail is already included in the lead. The voicemail player appears at the top so that you can listen to it as you create the lead, with details from that recording.

Text messages from unknown numbers likewise show a banner at the top of the messaging screen (after you tap a text in the inbox) to allow you to Add person. The text messages sent to you from that number are shown at the top as you enter details for the new lead.

Android app v2.8 – Missed calls, voicemails, and more.

We've added a number of enhancements centered around improving the inbox on mobile.

Inbox Enhancements

  • Missed calls and voicemails now show up in the inbox
  • Listen to voicemails and call recordings (if enabled for your account)
  • View voicemail transcriptions
  • Text messages and calls from unknown leads also show up in the inbox now
  • Quickly convert unknown leads into FUB leads by tapping "Add person"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where tapping "back" would sometimes close the app rather than returning to the previous screen

Voicemail Transcriptions

Handling missed calls is even easier now with voicemail transcriptions. When you miss a call to one of your Follow Up Boss phone numbers that results in a voicemail recording, it will automatically be transcribed and show up along side the call!

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 3.30.10 PM.png

Transcriptions will show in a contact's timeline, and within a user or shared inbox.

Webhooks for Custom Field Changes

If you're receiving webhook notifications for the peopleUpdated event, now custom field changes will also be included as a trigger for these events. If you want to see custom fields when fetching people following a webhook notification, make sure you include the fields=allFields query parameter.

Quick Call & Text

Recently we've added two new ways to quickly reach out to your contacts, or any phone number even if it is not added to a contact in your Follow Up Boss account. You can reach the quick call and text buttons in the main menu from anywhere in Follow Up Boss.

Screenshot at Jul 01 12-04-41.png

Screenshot at Jul 30 14-47-41.png

Copy Best Practices, Improved Drag n drop and more tooltips!

  • We have improved the drag and drop of columns on the people screen. It should be a bit more reliable.
  • Copy best practices wasn't copying over the conditions, that is now fixed.
  • When viewing a call in the timeline, we added more tooltips to show the phone number when hovering over a person's name.

Improved Mobile Experience on Desktop App

We have made a few small improvements around people using the Desktop app on their mobile device, most screen should now go down nicely to 1024px and it will not go any smaller than that, where as before the header would scale and things would often times be in a messy unorganized state.

Talk Time and Time to First Call filters

On the People screen, the filters for Talk Time and Time to First Call now filters by minutes rather than seconds.

Also, the Time to First Call column was originally 'First Call Time' which was confused with the length of the first call, rather than how long it took for a first call to be made to the lead.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 4.32.41 PM.png

Email Parsing Updates

We've released three improvements to our email parsing system

  • We now support Agent Locator's new registration email format, these emails will have their source set according to what it is in the email, and can trigger action plans
  • Fixed an issue with a Zillow Rentals 'forwarded lead' variant
  • Fixed an issue with iHomeFinder leads not parsing due to a changed from address

Disabled automated phone validation for international numbers

Our automated phone validation was often incorrectly marking valid international numbers as bad. Until we have can provide a more robust solution for international phone validation, we have disabled it for phone numbers detected as being international.

Customers based outside of North America will continue to have automated phone validation disabled.

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