Inbox Lead Processing for Office 365 connected emails.

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We have just enabled the ability for account owners using Office 365 to process leads directly through their Office 365 inboxes.

For more details about Inbox Lead Processing see

New Phone Numbers Page

If you're using the calling add-on with Follow Up Boss you can now manage all the phone numbers on your account from our new Phone Numbers page. Any admin can access this page through the admin menu.

On this page you see all active and released numbers on your account. Released numbers are inactive numbers that you can still access for some time before they are permanently deleted.

By using the actions dropdown you can swap any two numbers to change their assignment and function. You can also change a number for any user, shared inbox, or the company number. Previously, swapping numbers was only possible through a support ticket, but now you can do it whenever you want!


Lender Text and Lender Merge Fields

Lender merge fields are now available for email and text templates to target the assigned lender of a contact.

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Additionally, lenders that have purchased calling, now have the ability to text leads through that lender specific number.

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Files drag and drop

While you've been able to drag and drop files in the Files section under a person, we added verbiage to let you know you can do that. Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 4.18.38 PM.png

Lead Conversion Rate

Agent Activity report and Lead Sources report now include lead conversion rate. You can add this column manually or select the closed deals preset report from the menu.

Keep in mind that the conversion rate is based on the number of leads created in the reporting timeframe. For example--if the report timeframe is last year then the conversion rate is the percentage of leads generated last year that converted to a transaction at any point in the future.

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Tag Cloud

We recently updated and made our Tag cloud more reusable. This caused a couple small issues:

  • Firefox had issues with removing tags
  • When you added tags on the person screen, they would wrap to the next line, these are both now fixed.

Multiple emails and phones per field now supported in imports

When importing a .CSV file, we now recognize the vertical bar '|' character as a separator for phone numbers, email addresses and tags. This will make it much easier to import exports from Boomtown, Firepoint and other systems which include multiple email addresses in the email column, or multiple phone numbers in the phone column.

Zillow Tech Connect lead processing improvements

We just released two improvements for lead processing via Zillow Tech Connect:

  1. Leads which Zillow has marked as "a direct call from a consumer" are now tagged with "Zillow Direct Call" in Follow Up Boss, you can use that tag on the lead flow screen in FUB.
  2. When Zillow directly assigns a lead via Zillow Tech Connect, we only honor that re-assignment if it is a new lead or the lead originally came in through Zillow. If the lead entered your Follow Up Boss account from a different lead source, we will not allow Zillow to re-assign it.

Daily Hot Sheet no longer shows deleted appointments

The daily Hot Sheet email had a bug, which caused it to include deleted appointments. This bug has been fixed.

Calling Trials

You can now try calling for 14 days totally free. Any existing customer can start their free calling trial by going to Admin->Calling and adding a phone number for your users. Our help article has all of the details.

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