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May 11, 2021

Better together: Contact Relationships 👥

A few things that are always better together:

  • Coffee and donuts
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Your client's and their spouse’s contact info and communication history

I know that took a bit of a turn at the end there, but stick with us.

We just released an early build of Contact Relationships, which will make your life easier when you’re working on a deal with multiple people, like a spousal couple, family members or business partners.

Imagine having every call, text and email from each person neatly packaged together, with each name clearly labeled in-line. No more juggling threads and wasting time figuring out who needs a response.

Have better conversations and build stronger relationships by looping in the people who matter.

How does it work?

On each lead’s profile, you’ll see a new relationships section:

Image #1

This is where you can add contact info for any people who are related to your lead, like their spouse or family members.

After that, all your communication with related people stays organized together on the same lead profile, and it’s easier to keep everyone in the loop.

You can quickly add Contact Relationships to group texts and emails, and invite them to appointments together, so they each receive invitations and reminder texts.

Image #2

Contact Relationships provide a ton of added functionality aimed at streamlining your workflow and giving your clients a first-class experience.

This is still an early release, so we’re continuing work to polish it up and add more functionality and features to it over time. Some of the top future improvements on our Contact Relationships radar include Action Plan and birthday support and import/export functionality.

If you notice any important functionality that you’d like to see with Contact Relationships, let us know by emailing support@followupboss.com.

And for more details and FAQs on Contact Relationships, check out our help article here.

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