iPhone 2.7 Release - Email Composer

New iPhone Email Composer

In our new 2.7 release, we have improved our email experience and added new functionality. Set up is easier, templates can be searched, recipients can be easily added from search results of team members and persons, we now track opens and clicks and show them in the Inbox and Comms, and we make it easy to send to every email address on a person —one tap for all spouses. We also improved the information shown in the Inbox, and fixed a nagging bug with phone labels. 

Composing.png Searching Templates.png

When you start an email, we previously asked you whether you want to use a template, or start a blank email. Now you start right away in the new composer, ready to type your subject line. If you want to use a template, just tap “Templates” at the top of the keyboard. You can scroll to pick one, or start typing part of the name, and we will search quickly for any matches. Tap your choice and you will see the templated email, ready to send. If you decide a different template might be better, just tap in the email body and the keyboard will pop up, and you can again use the “Templates” button to pick a new one.



Adding more recipients is also easy. Tap the CC/BCC in the upper right corner (in the To field) and the CC and BCC rows will appear. Tap in either row and start typing a name or email address. Just like you have seen in Apple’s Mail app, we will show you suggestions for recipients you can pick. But now you see Team Members and Persons that match what you entered. For email addresses that are not found, just type the entire new email address and tap the Done button in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. If you change your mind about adding a recipient, just backspace everything you typed, and the search results will disappear.

Move or Delete Recipient.png 

After you have added one or more recipients, you can backspace in that field to select the last one, and another backspace will remove it. You can also tap on any recipient to see options appear from the bottom. You can remove that recipient or move it from CC to BCC or vice versa. And you can also confirm the actual email address you will send to, and then cancel.


We previously required you to set your email signature in Apple Mail, while you already have a signature set up on our website in My Settings. Now we use the signature from My Settings in our iPhone app — no more Step Two.

 Email All.png

Email All

If a person has more than one email address, such as both spouses, we now have a one-tap “Email All” button to start an email that all addresses will receive.

Inbox Opens and Clicks.png 

Opens and Clicks

Emails sent from our website are tracked for number of times opened and number of times a link was clicked, so you can keep better track of activity. And now our iPhone app supports this too. We now also show opens and clicks in the Inbox, and other places where we show emails.


Our Inbox has a fresh new look, showing the new opens and clicks activity, as well as how many emails are in a thread.

Bug Fix

Lastly, we fixed a bug when editing a person, where labels on phone numbers would be deleted.